mardi 11 octobre 2011


David Hackett by Glenn Friedmann, 1982

Derrière la légende et l'icône il y a un gars et une vilaine maladie.
Pour l'aider, un site de donation a été ouvert par ses proches.

Pour mieux comprendre 40 ans de skate, voici son Acte de Foi:
visible sur son site,
que je vous recommande fortement pour mieux cerner le personnage.

Skateboarding is many things to many individuals. 
Pure and Simple, its a Healthy, Radical Art Form.
Skateboarding is the Positive Release of Undirected Explosive Youthful Energy.
Skateboarding utilizes the ever-expanding environments 
of Steel, Concrete, Plaster, and Wood as its Canvas.

For Pure Spontaneous Action, Skateboarding is Unequaled.

The Skateboarder becomes one with his board, while the board in turn translates the language of the Terrain. Like all great past times, Skateboarding is a succession of Stimulating Experiences. Its Sensations and Impressions; a remembrance of early Radical lines thrown down in a private empty swimming pool; stoke, friendship and comraderie shared by all after an intense session.

Skateboarding is waking up at noon after raging all night, celebrating your last session. It is also waking up at 5:00 am to drive 300 miles rockin all the way with your bros in search of a secret pipe, pool or ditch. Or better yet, the neighbors down the street drain their Perfect swimming pool so you can skate because they think its neat to watch.

If you're mellow, skateboarding is the joy of carving soulful surf-like moves down long streets and hills.

Skateboarding is Freestyle, Streetstyle, Vertical, Bankriding, Longboarding, Sliding, Surfskating, Slalom, Downhill, Stand-up and, yes...Luge. Its also High jump, Barrel jump, obstical course racing, Park Racing, Rails, Gaps, and Stairs.

When you're Gnarly, skateboarding is done inside a 25 foot cement pipe, where every move must be carefully calculated, as one mistake could be fatal. This is the ultimate test medium for a mans ability to pit flesh and bones against the laws of gravity and thick cement. skateboarding is hitting 11 o'clock on the ceiling of that pipe. This weightless second of exhilaration and release represents days, months... years of experiences.

Skateboarding is being Scared and doing it anyway...
Its hanging on and making it...
Its also hanging on and Slamming!

When you are a sponsored amateur, Skateboarding is the excitement of seeing your picture in a magazine for the first time...

Its being asked to do your first demo.
Travel to foreign countries.
Competing in your first contest.
Winning your first trophy and prize money.
Receiving free equipment because you Rip!
When you're a pro, skateboarding is getting a signature model board or shoe,
Signing Bonuses,
Royalty checks,
Girls, Girls, and more Girls!,
Stunt Work,
and finally

forgetting why you started in the first place...

Then you remember skateboarding is that unique kind of madness that keeps you coming back for more...

A combination of Balance, Speed, Technique, Power, Knowledge, Love, Hate, Respect, Fear and Style...

Instinctive Perception gained only through repeated action...

Skateboarding is a moment of Glory, of Achievement, of Unsung Personal Triumph...

For the Man, Skateboarding is Freedom and Youth Rediscovered...

For the Boy, a means of Self Expression Vital to his Being - a rite of passage to becoming a Man...

For you see, Skateboarding is the blood rolling through our veins...

David Hackett © 1998

Un entretien pour Juice vous en dira encore un peu plus sur ce météore.

3 commentaires:

Bevilacqua a dit…

Qui imaginera un seul instant que je laisse tout seul avec ses problèmes un gars nommé "Hackett" ?

Bevilacqua a dit…

PS Dave: I keep thinking of you as "Steve" - you know, Genesis, King Crimson, ... nice references too !

Anonyme a dit…

I just added this site to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!

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