dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Wheels: I just can't get enough.

Nu shooz for a change:
My 83mm Flywheels were not big enough, I swaped them for a soft set of 97mm.
No DH, but LDP in mind - a 60 km tour is my new line on the horizon.
Far bigger and wider than my everyday wheels - red 70mm Krypto Classics - thinner than the hype of 2010: blue Nersh Minus 5, and not as massive as my old A/T XT Wheelz from 1990.
That same day I layed my hands on a set of unusually smallish 47 mm Kryptonics Fool, from the 1994 Tarot series. Their hardness is 50 on the B scale (= 100+ on the A scale).
 Beginning adventure.
Something new.
Folly, frenzy, delirium.

Let me play the Fool ... on the hill.

I also received a set of 90A Rat Bones, a 2008 reissue of the '80s classic model.
Soon to be continued ...

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