dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Set up IndeeSZ 2

I brang some competitors to compare a Bennet Vector, a low Gull-Wing Army, an Indy 149,  and a basic first priced truck.  


Compared to its challengers, IndeeSZ appears as a tough 8" Vector
Wide, not so tall, and very turny.

I have set up these brand new indeeSZ.
Too bad I couldn't test a full set of Surf-rodZ bushings, as I intended to, as a pair was forgotten in my order.
Cone + cone felt too soft, so I chose a mix of Sabre and SZ bushings - their respective qualities being on par.
Uptruck I went for the cone: the red SZ cones equal the orange Sabre (i.e. soft).
As a foot barrel I chose green and violet Sabre (a little more bouncy).

 I have tried 70mm Stimuli and 70mm No-name red lipped wheels for the first run.

I was disappointed to be unable to set up some Kryptonics - the spacers provided being both too large and too wide. I will have to order some from SZ, or cut it from a 10mm arrow shaft. (8mm spacer + 2mm addition to tighten the axles).

Possible issues: 
I don't like the threaded base plate. 
The kingpin is screwed to the base plate - Wayne says it was the best idea to eliminate slop, but it also reminds me too much of old school vintage antique trucks, that ended after a fatal hit with the lower half of the kingpin broken into the baseplate .
Time will tell if billet and precision threading can prevent this unhappy ending.

I was a bit disappointed to have to use a hex key to tighten the kingpin - the allen key provided with the axles would have been a nice optimisation. Deadbolts not dead ?

How strong can you tighten the kingpin ?
It seems that I have reached the deck through the base plate ... 

I have been unable to safety-check the bolts that hold together the hanger and the bushing seats once I had set up the kingpin: the allen key is too long, 
Not a big issue, unless you intend to leave the lower part of the truck on the deck and change the hanger and the wheels. (I recognize it is purely theoretical: it is highly improbable to set up a board with 177mm hangers then change your mind and downsize to 127 mm).

This last point leads me to a last small issue, already settled by Surf-rodZ: as we already said it, some spacers are too large for some wheel cores - order directly the new ones to solve this problem.
And by the way, provide 8x10 + 2x10 spacers for old Krypto fans like me: some wheels require 8mm spacers, SZ fixed it but one still has to order it separately.   

Final conclusion: no, not yet. It is too early to tell.
Tomorrow we will ride them to further apprehend their behaviour.
See you soon ...

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