mercredi 1 décembre 2010

IndeeSZ Vs Indy 215

The IndeeSZ faces its challenger, the Indy 215.
Here we go: two trucks perfectly fit for longboards

Brand new CNC machined precision against 25 years and 10 stages of development.
It reminds me of an Billy Idol song from 1984: Flesh for fantasy:
"Face to Face
"And back to back
"You see and feel
"My skate attack

What are the main differences between the two ?

- Price:  Add 2 sets of bushings to set up your IndeeSZ, and there you start :  precision IndeeSZ are 5 times more expensive than Indys "out of the mold".
+ 4 for Indys.

- Attitude: As anybody knows, Indys have been on the market for 25+ years. Riding an Indy immediatly makes you a Rebel, a core skater, an old schooler maybe. Cross, signs, war paints ... invaluable power of communication build for years. 
SZ still has to build its own style - it's up to you, it can be yours.
+1 for Indys

- Size: IndeeSZ are not taller than Indys, nor wider, except if you take advantage of the small spacers provided to adjust from 177 mm to 197mm.
+1 for IndeeSZ.

- Adaptability: Indys use classical 8mm axles, whereas SZ favours 10mm. Need for bearings change and adapt to 10mm spacers is a drawback for SZ, unless additionnal spacers were included.
+1 for Indys

- Pivot: the Indy has a straight pivot, the IndeeSZ sports a short pivot, a strong angle, and a machined rounded end  that lets it turn "flat". The angled pivot has something of a Tracker, but the ball pivot comes from slalom trucks fine tuning: UK Virage, German GOG, USA Radikal, ...turning on a dime is no longer a distinct advantage of the torsion family trucks (Exkate, Revenge, Original, and Brazilian Up)
+2 for IndeeSZ

- Kingpin 
Since stage V, the Indys kingpins have been inverted, i.e. set 
No inverted kingpin and nut on the IndeeSZ: the kingpin is screwed into the base plate with an Helicoil (R), supposed to secure firmly the vertical axis.
Harder to screw if you wish to increase the pressure on the bushings, but easier to screw up if anything goes wrong in the thread.
The helicoil (R) has proved reliable on SZ truck extensions. It is still in use for the two screw-in axles, secured by tiny screws. Odd: these screws have been suppressed from the later versions of the extensions - why are they needed on truck axles ?
+1 for Indys

Raw versions of the Indy 215 are known to be reliable, but with a lack of reactivity, even though they feature "Fast Action Independent Geometry," designed to react quickly. 
Tuned up versions generally include a longer kingpin, which allows taller bushings.
Such a modified Indy is a carving delight - close to the feeling offered by the IndeeSZ - except for the turning radius.
+1 for IndeeSZ

Tune up classical trucks such as Sk8kings Skennett or Skandal generally add CNC machine finish to raw products: bearings alignment, base plate drilling, hanger "facing". You have it on IndeeSZ.
+1 for IndeeSZ
The motto of the precision truck engineer is "no slop". As a basic user, I can accept some slop if it helps components work well together.
Time will tell if machined aluminum withstands hard core skating... and if any improvement can be made on the base plate/kingpin lien.

I recommend IndeeSZ to those who can afford it because it provides a practical and durable source of pleasure: riding wide and stable trucks while keeping a reactive drive - turning hard and short, while keeping in control on all four wheels.
As for me, this is the essence of longboarding: long and windy.

2 commentaires:

Phildar a dit…

On the Dogtown deck, is it a homemade protection ?
What kind ?

Bevilacqua a dit…

Plaque de polycarbonate
coupée et façonnée à la disqueuse
collée au scotch double face pour moquette.
J'aurais du choisir le ton "fumé" ...

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