jeudi 12 juillet 2012

So I ride

I’ll be back soon,
I am out chasing the sun,
I am out chasing the sunset, and the light, and the colors.
Despite the last few days of gloomy weather in my heart, today I know I’ll get there, today I’ve got wheels
So I ride, I ride through the streets, the parks, the people and through time
I ride uphill, until I’ve gone far enough east, until I get enough perspective and I stop. Only then, do I realize that I am, or have been, too far from home
So I ride again, and I speed up as I follow the sun…until the sun is pointing directly at me, and it is fantastic
So I’ll continue to ride, through the streets, through the parks, through people and through time, and make sure to stay close to those, able to point me in the direction of the sun

by F!, Found here

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