mercredi 25 juillet 2012

Big Box

A big box was on the way, delivery at last yesterday: 

Look what we've got here: there we are, a hundred shiny red wheels !
They were used on a carriage in a ski resort in the USA.
They will soon find a new life in Guadeloupe and other exotic locations.

And these lil'red riders are ... Kryptonics Rental
first model out of 3 generations of the Rental wheel.

Here are some close ups of the first gen
a roller wheel designed in the early 80's,
55 mm x 30 mm

then the second gen : same shape, different lettering, 
still 55 mm high with a small 30 print

3rd gen: the Rental gets straight and taller:
59 mm
This is an early alternative design of the CR 59,
then CR 62, then Cruise ...

last gen of the Rental , and birth of the Impulse
straight side, soft coumpound.
59mm x 30 width.
When ?
I'd say around 1990.

 Here is the modern Impulse
in translucent urethane

Here are side by side two variants of the same wheel, red Rental and black Impulse.
(black core for the Rental series, grey core for the Impulse)
a generic quad wheel since 2000.

Here are four generations of a wheel - from 1980 on to 2012

3 questions that should remind you of Monty Pythons 'Holy Grail:
- What is your favourite wheel ?
- What is your favourite colour ?
- What was the re-entry speed of Tony Hawk after he landed the first 900° ?

Vision d'artiste "over the Rainbow"
by Stef - (C) 2012

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